Europe's best kept secret
A few years ago I visited the Azores and fell irrevocably in love. This place is rightly considered one of the most beautiful on the planet. Unique and diverse nature - from incredible lakes to mysterious forests and volcanoes. The Azores is also one of the best places in the world to see whales and dolphins! It is possible to find several species in just one day. This place is spectacular on land and in the sea. Let's experience it together! I am sure you will fall in love with the Azores just like me.
8 days

June 1-8 ( booked out)

June 9-16 (5 spots)

June 17-24 ( booked out)

June 25-July 2 (5 spots)

August 15-22 ( booked out)

August 23-30 (6 spots)

August 31 - Sept 7 (6 spots)

2 islands - Terceira
and Sao Miguel
A unique itinerary: we will visit two completely different islands. On the one we will have more time in the ocean, on another island - will immerse ourselves in nature and see the most beautiful locations on land.
2350 euro
When traveling with a group tour you don't need to worry about planning, booking, etc. We do everything, so you can actually
relax and enjoy the vacation!
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For a group of 4 people private tours are available at any convenient date from May to October.

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Itinerary example
Day 1
Arrival to Terceira Island (airport TER)
We will meet you at the airport and explore the island a little if time allows. Check in to our accommodations and will have dinner with a following briefing on how to properly interact with cetaceans. Their well-being is our priority.

Day 2-4
Dolphins, whales and amazing places on the island
We will spend three days in the Atlantic Ocean in search of dolphins and whales. Every day we will be out in the ocean for 3-6 hours (depending on the weather, presence of cetaceans, and general mood of our group). We will swim with wild dolphins whenever we find them and their behavior allows. For those who are afraid to swim, you can choose to remain on the boat. We will help you feel comfortable, see dolphins, and swim with them if you choose to try.

After our sea adventures we will be exploring the most beautiful places on the island - incredible forests, cliffs with stunning views, the famous Algar do Carvão cave formed after a volcanic eruption, a park with wild deer, beautiful beaches, and warm natural pools. There are many gorgeous places on this small island - we will visit as many as we can after adventures with dolphins and whales.
Day 5
Flight to the second island - Sao Miguel
After breakfast and a long relaxing morning, we will catch a flight to a new island in the afternoon. Sao Miguel is the largest island of the 9 belonging to the Azores archipelago. It is very different from the quiet Terceira, but most of the places for which the Azores are famous are located on this island. On the first day, we will explore the capital, visit a pineapple farm and go to dinner at a local restaurant.
Day 6-7
Explore unforgettable places of Sao Miguel
Get ready for 2 spectacular days. The beauty of Sao Miguel island will put you in awe. We will visit the famous Sete Cidades Crater lakes (Lagoa das Sete Cidades), the Terra Nostra botanical park, dozens of observation areas with incredible views, a tea plantation, and famous hot springs, where we will soak up after busy days full of adventures and fun.
Day 8
Flight home
Having collected all those amazing experiences we will take this final day to ensure your safe journey home. We will take you to the airport, share pictures and memories from the trip, and send you home with long warm hugs.
All transfers on the islands
Flight to the second island Sao Miguel (one way, it is easier to fly back from the big island)
Accommodation for 7 nights/8 days
All activities (whale watching, swimming with dolphins, hot springs, parks, etc.)
Breakfast and snacks
Snorkeling gear and wetsuits
Lunch and dinner ($30-40 per day)
Flights to Terceira island (TER) and back home from Sao Miguel island (PDL)
Travel Insurance ($100)
How to get to the Azores?
You can fly to the Azores from anywhere in the world. Direct flights are available from many European cities (Barcelona, Paris, London, Frankfurt), as well as from the USA (Boston, New York) and Canada (Toronto).

You will need to travel to Terceira Island (TER) and fly back home from Sao Miguel Island (PDL). We will help you find the most convenient and affordable flight option.
Why choose this tour?
  • You will find new friends passionate about nature, ocean, whales and dolphins
  • Learn amazing facts about cetaceans
  • Swim with wild dolphins in the respectful way
  • Watch whales and learn how to identify species
  • Experience unforgettable Azores destinations
Let's explore the world together
Oxana Fedorova
Mermaid, Tour organizer, Conservationist


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